When style points matter, don't just QR... Q art!

Why commission encoded art from Qart.us?

 Eyesore  Eye-catcher

Break through ad clutter with eye-catching creative QR Codes that stand out and make an impression. Increased audience attention leads to higher click-through rates, and designer QR codes can also help convey a consistent brand aesthetic.

▣ The optimal balance

Most visual QR Code services don't do enough. A few do too much, offering fantastic but out-of-spec QR Codes that usually work except when they don't. We stay within the ISO/IEC 18004 QR Code standard for maximum scanning reliability.

▣ Supersize graphics in QR Code

Qart.us integrates custom graphic elements directly into the QR Code structure for expansive solid fills with less "QR static" and larger embedded images that dominate the visual QR Code well beyond the potential of naive error correction and guesswork.

▣ Versatile marketing investment

Qart.us encoded artwork is reusable across multiple advertising mediums, and if your URL changes, our scan-catcher service can redirect users to your new address without modifying or redistributing the original encoded artwork.

Bridge the gap between life and online media with a trackable and engaging visual QR Code to link mobile users to your site and promote your brand identity.
Example standard QR Code
Typical QR Code
Example Qart.us for low resolution
Qart.us for black+white low-resolution media (e.g. Business Card)
Example Qart.us for normal resolution
Qart.us for common media channels

What does Qart.us deliver?

▣ Custom artwork rates vary according to client requirements and urgency, but commissions can be as low as $400 with the first year of scan-catcher service included. Each additional year of scan-catcher costs $50, renewed annually.
▣ Qart.us consults with the client to review expectations, special needs, and source material.
▣ Qart.us designs and submits encoded artwork to meet or exceed client acceptance criteria.
▣ Qart.us performs a service of redirecting web requests for the encoded link to the target URL of the client's choosing.
▣ Qart.us provides a GDPR-anonymized log of redirects to the client for analytics and billing. Note: the client's target web-server will likely be logging access requests as well.
▣ Qart.us basic service grants perpetual rights to the client to reproduce, distribute, display, and prepare derivative works of the artwork, with the sole restriction that derivative works must continue to scan to the encoded Qart.us redirect link.
▣ Alternatively, Qart.us premium artwork can be designed without the scan-catcher service by encoding a direct link to the target URL, and the full copyright conveyed to the client.